Would you like to join Digidak?

Digidak heeft meer dan 15 jaar ervaring in het organiseren van een e-inclusie aanpak op maat van de gemeente. We brengen lokale spelers samen en werken een pakket op maat uit dat inspeelt op lokale noden en opportuniteiten. Het realiseren van dit maatpakket kan op verschillende manieren.

Become a member of our network of experts

What can you expect from our expertise network?

  • A scenario for starting up a high-quality public computer space
  • Elaborated methodologies concerning various aspects of operation in a public computer space
  • Promotional materials, templates, texts
  • Publication and referral via website, flyers, ..
  • Educational material tailored to the public computer space
  • Technical, didactic and pedagogical tips for supervisors
  • An extensive training offer for supervisors
  • A registration and enrollment system with which results reports can be made

Are you starting from scratch? We give you a helping hand.

Starting up a public computer room requires a lot of work. Here too, we want to share Digidak's expertise. This can be done through an extensive support process. Together we will work to tailor the public computer space to your priorities. Quality is always a priority.

Would you like to get more information? Please contact us: info@digidak.be / 014/41 82 18