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Workshop veilig op het internet

10 x gratis aanbod van deze workshop dankzij steun van Intracto

At Digidak we pick up the signal that more and more people are asking themselves questions about the safety of the internet. What about privacy? Hacking? Viruses? Fraud? So many new things are being added all the time, you have to pay a lot of attention to deal adequately with everything. There is therefore always great demand for our workshop "safe on the internet".

Good news! Thanks to the support we receive from Intracto, we can now offer the workshop "safe on the internet" 10 x free of charge ! Would you like to offer this as an organization to your members / supporters? Contact us and we will schedule it!

De enige 2 criteria waar we rekening mee houden: dat we deze workshops verspreid aanbieden (niet 10 x in dezelfde gemeente bij wijze van spreken), en dat er een minimum aantal deelnemers aanwezig zijn.