Digidak as a source of inspiration

Digidak has come a long way. We naturally adapt our lessons and methodologies to the waves of technological and digital innovations and, above all, to the learning-questions that we receive. Some signals that we pick up even give rise to starting new projects and / or operations.

This way Unigo arose from the detected need to come together around a broader range of themes than the digital requests for help, and the link to an integrated neighborhood context. Where Digidak starts from digital requests for help to bring people together, Unigo starts from an outreaching neighborhood study, a customized neighborhood analysis, to strengthen the neighborhood from there (whether or not regarding digital inclusion). For an outreaching neighborhood study or a tailor-made neighborhood impact analysis, contact Kris Verellen: kris.verellen@blenders.be!

Jong Digidak originated from the demand for strengthening digital skills and media literacy among young people: at school and / or in their free time. This project is in the phase of dissemination. For training tailored to your class / school / youth movement / organization, contact Kelly Vreys: kelly.vreys@blenders.be!

Make sure to check this video about Jong Digidak in Dessel!

Story of My Life is a project about digital storytelling. Young people are introduced to new digital skills such as film and editing, photography and many other techniques. The workshops provide support in finding and developing digital talents. They also learn to present. During various creative workshops, young people learn to visualize their own story. Ready to join a Story of My Life trajectory? Contact Kelly Vreys: kelly.vreys@blenders.be!