Digidak offer

Workshop "safe on the internet"

At Digidak we pick up the signal that more and more people are asking themselves questions about the safety of the internet. What about privacy? Hacking? Viruses? Fraud? So many new things are being added all the time, you have to pay a lot of attention to deal adequately with everything. There is therefore always great demand for our workshop "safe on the internet".


Initiations are short learning moments concerning a defined theme. An initiation lasts 3 hours and a series of initiations runs a maximum of 3 times (3 x 3 hours). The initiations are prepared with a lesson schedule and printed course material is provided. The course material is written in clear language and with a clear layout. The course material per initiation provides a stepping stone for the transfer of information, but when other learning resources are emerging (a question that is relevant to the whole group, an experience that is shared, ...), we build futher on this. Existing themes around which course material exists:

  • computer for beginners
  • smartphone & tablet for beginners
  • clean up your computer
  • internet & e-mail
  • save digitally
  • create accounts
  • whatsapp
  • internet & e-mail
  • walking and cycling with GPS on the smartphone
  • social media
  • photo editing
  • create photo books and greeting cards
  • word processing
  • excel for beginners
  • eID & itsme

Free walk-in sessions

Vrije inloop zijn inloopmomenten waar een Digidak-begeleider aanwezig is. Iedereen is hier welkom met zijn / haar (digitale) vragen. De begeleider helpt je graag op weg. Je kan er kosteloos gebruik maken van het internet en op de meeste locaties kan je ook gebruik maken van de printer.

Guidance activities

Guidance activities are one-off workshops / initiations for people who first want to get to know Digidak in a safe, familiar environment and then move on to join regular operations.

We organize a number of guidance activities where people can taste the Digidak range.

Customized offer

Digidak also provides tailor-made offers. This is an offer that is not in regular operation: as an organization you can contact Digidak to work out a tailor-made course / manual / workshop. Didactic material is developed specifically for this assignment. This can range from train the trainer sessions to workshops on a specific (digital) theme. Customized offer currently running:

  • lessons on demand
  • workshop cyber crime
  • lessons tailored to a specific target group that has not yet moved on to the regular Digidak operation (eg: speakers of other languages ​​with a minimum knowledge of Dutch, illiterate persons)
  • basic ICT training for employees
  • in-depth sessions
  • methodical meetups